Kemah Boardwalk Photo Walk

On Saturday the 24th of July, I had the pleasure of participating, for my first time, in Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual World Wide Photo Walk. They had 1,110 groups and over 33,000 participants taking photos that day all around the world, pretty amazing. Our group had over 40 photographers and met at the Starbuck’s on the Kemah Boardwalk, in Kemah, Texas at 7:15 PM. Our walk organizer was Trudy LeDoux, and she did a great job leading our group. It wasn’t her first photo rodeo. Thank you Trudy.

Even with all the rain we have been having in the Houston, Texas area, it could not have been a prettier evening for the shoot with some high clouds, gorgeous sunset, and a full moon, plus all the interesting people, rides, boats and lights that are associated with the boardwalk area made for some great photo ops. Okay, it was still pretty humid, but there was a slight breeze that helped keep you semi-cool.

For the majority of my pictures, I was hand-holding my Canon D5 Mark II with a 50mm f/1.2 lens in aperture priority with AEB, hoping one of the exposures would come out fairly sharp. It turned out with that lens it was very easy to get a good shot. On some of the shots, that had three decent exposures, I even tried processing them in HDR. Some worked and some didn’t. C’est la vie. When the sun set, I went to the top of the parking garage to take some longer exposures overlooking the boardwalk using a cable release with my 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens on a tripod. After that, I was tired and ready to put on a clean (dry) shirt and go have a cocktail, and chimp and share the day with others in the group at Joe’s Crab Shack at 10:00 PM.

Both, my wife and I, had really great time participating in the photo walk and meeting new people and plan on doing this again next year. We spent the night at the Kemah Boardwalk Inn, which was suprisingly a very nice place to stay at. Please click HERE to go view my slideshow and the rest of my pictures. Click HERE to go to Flickr and view the group’s pictures at Kemah Boardwalk. Hello and thank you to everyone in the Kemah Group.

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