Photo Day at the Houston Zoo

I ran across some photos I took back in May on an early morning photowalk at the Houston Zoo that I thought I would share. It has probably been over 25 years since I have been to the Houston Zoo and I was impressed on how much it has grown and is still growing. We had access to the Zoos public grounds and exhibits starting at 7:00 AM which is 2 hours before their normal opening time. A continental breakfast was provided and we were allowed to roam the Zoo grounds at our leisure, taking photos of all that the Zoo has to offer. There were also special opportunities to witness feedings, bathings and other enrichment activities that are not regularly available during their normally scheduled hours. Of course we were allowed to stay on Zoo grounds until the normally scheduled closing time, however I was beat and left around noon time. If you are interested in this type of activity visit the Photo Day Series at the Houston Zoo. Please click HERE to view the slideshow.

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