Sugar Land | Car Show and Around the Town

It happened to be a Saturday afternoon and I was watching some college football with some buddies at Baker Street Pub & Grill, when one of them told me there was a car show going on in the plaza at Sugar Land Town Square just down the street. He thought there might be some interesting shots there since he knew I was interested in photography. I grab the camera and went down there to find some really neat cars, both old and new, shined to the max. I took multiple handheld exposures of these cars and processed them in HDR. Click HERE to view more pictures in the slideshow gallery.

I thought this would be a good place to show some of the picture I have taken around the town. Some of these were submitted for the 2011 Sugar Land City Calendar. The picture of the Riverbend Clock was selected to be included in the calendar. While it was not one of the large month pictures, it is a smaller picture that goes in one of the empty day slots of the month of May. I did get a photographic credit on the back of the calendar as a contributor.

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