Jack and Kim

Jack and Kim went up the hill,
To ski at Mary Jane.
When Kim fell down,
Jack skied around,
And asked her to walk the wedding lane.

OK,OK, my poetry is lame, but my lovely niece did call me that day and told me that Jack proposed to her on the slopes at Mary Jane. I thought that was very romantic. That was the winter of 2009, and they had a wonderful engagement party that my wife and I were able to attend that June. I took alot of pictures that day of family and friends celebrating their engagement. A great time was had by everyone! I ended up putting those pictures into a book which I gave them. Below is the video I put together of those pictures.

They had a beautiful wedding and reception at the Inverness Hotel in Denver, on December19th that year. Here I go again.

Jack and Kim went down the aisle,
To get married in December.
A year later we knew,
As the baby grew,
God bless their expecting member.

I had to give it one more shot. My poetry is terrible. She is expecting a little girl in late March or early April. God bless you two (or I should say the three of you) and continued good health. Below is the video of her ultrasound. Love ya, Uncle Dave.


  1. Kim says:

    Thanks Uncle Dave, this is wonderful!

  2. Deb Perry says:

    This is really beautiful. A great way to start your life of memories!

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