Sugar Land | DOG PARK

DogPark-7.jpgOne of my favorite places to go with our dog Shadow is the dog park at Sugar Land Memorial Park which is south of Highway 59 at the end of University Blvd. We take Shadow there to run, play, swim, and socialize with other dogs and people three or four times a week. It is 4 or 5 acres fenced that the dogs can run off the leash with separate areas for both large and small dogs, a pond for swimming, trees, rocks and even a fire hydrant, plus two cleaning stalls that make it easy to give your pooch a good bath. They even provide the poop bags so can do your part to keep the dog park clean after your dog does its business. If you would rather just watch your dog or read a book while they run with the pack, the park has a covered area with tables and benches to keep you out of the sun. Recently, they even paved the road and parking lot. No more dust – Hurrah!!

DogPark-14.jpgMany times when we head to the park, I will bring my camera along to catch the action and take photos of the different dogs. I believe most of the dogs know exactly what the camera is, because they are always watching it and posing. Though, just like people there are those that are camera shy. Below are some of the shots I have taken out there. If you have dogs, take them there and play with them or let them play, if you don’t have a dog but may be interested in one, go out there and see all the different breeds and talk to their owners. Either way it is a fun experience and if you see a guy with a straw cowboy hat and a camera feel free to ask me to take a picture of your pooch.

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