Sugar Land Kite Festival

KiteFestival-5.jpgKiteFestival-6.jpgBack in March, my wife and I took our dog, Shadow, to the Sugar Land Memorial Park where they have a very nice dog park for your pet to run, swim and socialize with other pets, and low and behold, the park was jammed packed with people flying kites. It looked really cool seeing all those kites up in the air, and fortunately for me, I had my camera with me. So while my wife was running Shadow in the dog park, I was walking around taking pictures of the 2nd Annual Cultural Kite Festival.

One of my favorite pictures I took that day was of this juggler on stilts dressed in black. After talking to him for a while, I asked him if I could lie down in front of him and shoot upward at him with the sky in the background. In the first shot he wasn’t juggling, and I felt fairly comfortable shooting upward and even caught a kite in the sky. He asked me if I wanted him to do some juggling while I was down there and I immediately said yes. But as he started juggling above me, I began to have some apprehensions about this 8 – 9 foot tall guy tossing those bowling pins above my head, and forgot to speed up the exposure to freeze the action. As it turns out, I ended up loving the blurred effect of the bowling pins and his hands creating a sense of motion. To complete the picture, I added a gradient blur from the bottom up to give it a sense of distance and couple of embellishments around the blurred pins. I hope you like them.

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